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The program is designed for secure and convenient storage: - Small notes
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Yuri Tarasov
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22 July 2013

Editor's review

Now one thing is for sure that the password and all the vital information ranging from business cards, credit cards, ID and passwords of all the websites etc. are to be kept securely in a locker (physical or digital). Or must be stored in a highly protected zone where these should not be any element of leakage should be lurking over it. Looking at this need we have found out JabKeeper 1.2.53 that by all means should fall into the range of your requirement. In this software program you are free to store any kind of text document that are of small size, contacts, business cards, credit or debit card number or all kinds of other confidential elements which you want to keep with you.

JabKeeper 1.2.53 promises to keep all your important items locked in it and can help you to see the necessary items when ever you want to. Its password protection that is set to protect the items stored in application can be encrypted and make its literally impossible for others to break into this solution. (256 bit key with AES encryption will be used for encrypting the password)You can also carry the application in the USB driver and use it in any computer you work on, be it at home or work. In fact the application also offers to get synchronized via web. So if you are making any change currently on the application then the changes will also get reflected on the application that in installed in the other computer.

One can now certainly get the option of storing vital information like account password etc. safe from other and also can access it easily with all the features JabKeeper 1.2.53 choose to provide. We hence can look to see a rating of three stars that can be pressed against JabKeeper 1.2.53 out of 5 owing to its efficacy.

Publisher's description

The program is designed for secure and convenient storage:
- Small notes.
- Passwords.
- Business cards (Contacts).
- Credit cards.
- Links to sites with passwords.
- Files of any format up to 5 megabytes (attached to the records).
The program can be used both on a home computer and work. Also it can be run
on any computer with a USB Flash or hard disk drive carrier.
You can not worry about the data, which was edited on different computers.
Using synchronization(USB or WEB) you will always keep up to date.
If you have edited the same block of text on different computers, then after synchronization program
would keep the "change History".
You can support the relevant contact list with your mobile phone.
For this, realized "Outlook Synchronization"
Also you can maintain a topical list of contacts with Google Contacts.
For this, provided the "Sync with Google"
You can create a separate safe for share use.
Data between users will be supported by the relevant
with the help of "Sync to WEB service"
You can send individual record or entire sections of other people who also use JabKeeper.
For greater security against eavesdropping of data recording, you can encrypt the password.
If you lose a flash with data or your computer will have access strangers.
Do not worry. A data file is is encrypted with 256 bit key using the AES algorithm methods of the OpenSSL library.
Version 1.2.53
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